About Makeover Monday: "Each week we post a link to a chart, and its data, and then you rework the chart. Maybe you retell the story more effectively, or find a new story in the data. We’re curious to see the different approaches you all take. Whether it’s a simple bar chart or an elaborate infographic, we encourage everyone of all skills to partake. Together we can have broader conversations about and with data."





A new list of White House staff salaries reveals 22 people make the same top salary as under Obama's administration. Eighteen more earn $165,000 a year, making the Trump administration's payroll top-heavy.





Tour de France is the most prestigious cycling event. Held since 1903, spans across multiple countries with finish at Parisian Champs-Elysees. I looked at number and length of stages as well as number of participants.




In Latin America there are 108 million people between age 15-24 and 16% of them remain unemployed. It is a quite high percentage in comparison to older age groups. This viz shows employment structure of their employment.




That week topic was car purchases in the Netherlands. I focused my visualization on camper sales and Dutch favourite brands.



Dataset of opal trips along Sydney's ferry lines throughout the year. I looked at number of rides along different lines throughout the year.